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About Samantha


Samantha Fairfield, Licensed Massage therapist, 500 hr yoga instructor, horse trainer/instructor and holistic health & fitness coach is pleased to announce the expansion of SGF Wellness and SGF Sporthorse. You spoke and she listened. Starting June 1st 2019 she will be offering riding lessons, nutritional coaching, yoga, group fitness classes, and women’s running groups with opportunity to register for local races or obstacle course races. All classes will be held at her horse farm in Kennebunk OR she is available to travel to your farm, home or business for private group sessions.

Samantha has a solid background in a diverse array of holistic health modalities and nutrition, with a Masters degree in Complimentary Alternative Medicine and Holistic Nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland Oregon. Samantha has been a licensed massage therapist for over 13 years, working on humans and horses specializing in myofascial and neuromuscular techniques such as cupping, graston/gua-sha, injury prevention, sports massage and injury rehabilitation. Her passion for correct biomechanics and functional movement led her to take her National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer’s certification in the spring of 2019. SGF Wellness is the integration of all things health and fitness related and she looks forward to designing custom programs for your unique, individual fitness and health needs. From fitness to bodywork Samantha has got you covered.



Fitness, Holistic Health, and Nutrition opportunities are available below: Prices are based on group size, function, program design, duration of program and location and may vary. Please inquire as there are many reasonable financial options, payment plans, and customized program options. Stay tuned for the start of running and fitness group series dates and prices:

Massage & Bodywork: Located at Riverbend Wellness 1009 Portland Rd. Arundel, ME


**Massage and cupping to alleviate pain, tension and muscular imbalances. 

$75.00/60 mins $45.00/ 30 mins.

** Chair massage for your group, events or business.

$ 90.00/hour within 15 miles of Kennebunk. 

** Equine Sports Massage, help your equine athlete or companion feel and look their best.

$125.00/ session (session varies from horse to horse)

FITNESS: Located at 24 Middle Rd. Kennebunk OR your location.


** Horseback riding lessons and training at your farm or mine. Dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing. Visit SGF Sporthorse rate page for more info.

** Group and private yoga and mindfulness classes.


** “Barn booty-camp” using props and obstacles around the horse farm, this super fun class offers a diverse array of HIIT and strength training to get equestrians and the general population strong and fit. 


** In home personal training: Samantha will come to your home and help you utilize what you already have, no need to buy fancy, expensive gym equipment, she will work with you to design a practical, attainable, fitness program that you can do at your own home.

$ 80.00/session  $390.00 for 5 sessions or  $775.00 for 10 sessions

** Personal training: at SGF Sporthorse & Wellness in West Kennebunk. Come enjoy a variety of exercises tailored for your specific needs. A thorough intake and in-depth conversation will help you and Samantha formulate a program that works with your busy schedule to help you feel and look your best. 

$ 65.00/ session $315.00 for 5 sessions or $625.00 for 10 sessions

****Distance sessions are available for out of state clients. Please contact Samantha for more information. 207-590-4088 or sgfsporthorse@gmail.com

Spartan Super, Vernon NJ. Mountain Series.

RUNNING GROUPS: Location varies depending on where we are running. May vary from roads and trails.


** Women’s running group. $10.00 drop in, or 6 session punch card for $55.00 (Race training program prices will vary based on how many weeks in the session. TBD.)

If you have ever wanted to run with someone, but thought to yourself “I am to slow to run with anyone”, or have been self conscious to run with another person, are thinking about running but are not sure how to start, or just want to join a fun group of women and get out and move, than this group is FOR YOU!!! Samantha’s personal running journey has been no walk in the park, ESPECIALLY after having children, and she HAS felt these same exact feelings. This group is a JUDGEMENT FREE, ALL WELCOME, safe place to work on building slow miles. The pace is a walk/run pace, with NO ONE left behind ever. The group will meet and walk or run for 30-45 mins, under the direct supervision and coaching/motivating of Samantha. 

This is more than just a running group…you will learn about correct shoe fit, correct biomechanics for walking and running, and how to build yourself up slowly, injury free, to a more confident you. There is opportunity to participate in local 5 or 10k’s, with sessions designed around local races so you can have an end goal IF you choose. You WILL learn something EVERY run!

** For runners who desire a faster pace with personal coaching, this option is available as well on a case by case, or group by group basis.

** Obstacle course fun. If you have ever wished to do a tough mudder, spartan race, or other fun mud or obstacle runs, I offer personalized training programs to help you prepare mentally and physically for these types of races. Disclaimer: I am not an elite obstacle course racer, I do this entirely for fun, and to set goals for myself, I hope to empower and inspire others to join me and learn right along beside me in the super fun, confidence boosting, sport of obstacle course racing. $$ Pricing based on case by case basis and program length.



Distance coaching is available for out of state clients. Please contact Samantha for more information. 207-590-4088 or sgfsporthorse@gmail.com

$$ Pricing varies based on client goals and duration of program $$ Single sessions start at $75.00/session.

**Eat like an athlete- This personalized program is designed to empower you to look at and explore clean, whole, food choices to help you look, feel and perform your best. 

** Nutritional coaching: Samantha will offer guidance and support as you learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food and develop healthy habits. The emphasis is not on changing your entire diet, but seeing how we can incorporate healthier, cleaner, food choices that lead to attainable and permanent lifestyle changes that help you look and feel your absolute best.

** Options available with nutritional coaching:


 ** One on one grocery shopping experiences. Have Samantha accompany you      to the grocery store, to help you find the best bargains on clean, organic, and      healthy foods. She will help you meal plan and help you find all the hidden      gems the grocery store has to offer. $80.00

 ** Meal prep: If you lead a busy lifestyle, meal prep is imperative to clean eating      success. Allow Samantha to show you how to plan and prepare meals and      snacks on the go, so you always have something healthy to reach for when      hunger strikes. $80.00

 ** Customized Juice and Smoothie cleanses. Detox and reset your system with       a customized 3-5 day juice or smoothie cleanse. Program includes a      customized list of recipes for juice and smoothies, a grocery shopping list, and    the option for a private juicing class with Samantha. $$ based on duration of       cleanse.